Rhania Gutierrez Meseguer

Rhania Gutierrez Meseguer is a Superior Aeronautic Engineer and is also a painter. She shows her works under the name Magit Mexxeguerph.

Her works are photographs of energy that we do not see with traces of acrylic painting.

Rhania has done a mathematical reasoning about the energy around us that we do not see shown below.

Rhania Gutierrez Meseguer

Is Superior Aeronautic Engineer by Polytechnic University of Madrid (E.T.S.I.A. Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Aeronáuticos).

Has studied: ‘Macroeconomics’, ‘Mathematical Methods Applied to Economics and Business’ and ‘Business Analysis and Valuation’ in Harvard University, Massachusetts, the last two courses with Honors.

Has coursed Social and Business Protocol.

Has made the leadership course in the International Business School Aliter.

Speaks fluently English, Spanish, French and Catalan.

As well has studied during 18 months the regulation of the air transport, air navigation and airports, safety and maintenance procedures and the requirements and protocols for airworthiness.

Has collaborated in the Microgravity Institute IDR in the project UPM-SAT2. Satellite 2. In the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Has worked as consultant engineer coordinating engineering projects and has made several studies about the life cycle of different types of aircrafts and its components.

Has worked as Business Developer for a construction company searching potential local partners in different geographical areas and developing relationships with private and public entities.

Has worked in the Málaga – Costa del Sol Airport where she has participated in the process of converting the aerodrome certificate in accordance with RD 862/2009 to the European Regulation 139/2014.

Has worked as consultant engineer coordinating the ASQ survey program of ACI (Airports Council International) in 33 airports of Aena as well as the subsequent analysis of the results of each airport.

Has worked as operations engineer at Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas Airport in the operations division in the adverse winter conditions service in A-CDM mode.

Has the professional certificate in computer security IFCT0109.

Did the studies of E.G.B., B.U.P. and C.O.U. in St. Peter’s School in Barcelona.

Has studied in the École Chantemerle in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Has the elementary grade of Piano: Solfeo, Harmony, Acoustics, until sixth course of Piano in the Liceo Conservatory of Barcelona.

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